GDevelop Export Worries - Should I upgrade from GDevelop?

I’m planning on making a game similar to Life Is Strange, with 7 episodes each lasting about 20 - 30 minutes. Now, at first I was really hopeful and excited to work on this game, but now I realise that my game may be too big to export. Considering the free version’s export limit is 50MB, I’m a little lost on what to do right now. Sure, I’ve looked around and saw that I can use Electron Builder to help export my game with ease, but something’s telling me I should pick up a different software to make things easier. I don’t know if it’s my subconscious or my paranoia telling me this, so I’m here to ask you all on what should be my next course of action.

I really don’t want to quit working on my game, writing it’s story is a form of self-expression that helped me release tension. This game means a lot to me and I don’t want to have it all go to waste.

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To clarify, you are confusing the game engine with the external online build server.

The online build server has a filesize limit of around 200mb on projects for building to an executable. This is irregardless of whether you are on a free plan or a paid one. There are different size limits for cloud storage of projects, but this doesn’t impact the max build size for the online builds, and you would still need to download and build manually past that ~200mb size.

For the engine, you can build locally any project size. You do not have to use the online build server. While you will need to install yarn and electron builder (once), after that initial setup as shown on the wiki, you can build any project manually with two commands.


Hmm. Well I think you should always listen to yourself. You naturally want to have something to show for your efforts. So I think you should try to build it with Electron Builder now. Then you can see if it was easy or hard or impossible and decide your next course of action and you will feel at ease then.

And you might be pleasantly surprised. I recently tried to build with Cordova. And after all the drama of me thinking it would be impossible and not really understanding the wiki, it was actually very easy and I was very pleased with myself and felt like I was a technical wizard that can do anything lol. So give it a try and come here if you get stuck anywhere and I’m sure you’ll find it’s not that hard at all and that you even prefer to build it manually now.


Thanks for clarifying things the two of you, I’m more motivated than ever to continue now :smile: