Gdevelop for Huawei

Hi , I am thinking to create games for Huawei app gallery. I am wondering whether games created with gdevelop works on Huawei phones or not . I don’t have a Huawei phone.
Is anyone using Huawei phones and no issue with gdevelop.
Since developer account needs personal banking information therefore I am asking about compatibility of gd games with Huawei phones.
Any kind of suggestions, guides is great.

Huawei is just a brand, the phones are Android, so the games should work.
But it’s possible that you find issues with some brand-related stuff like Google’s Admob, Facebook ads, etc.

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They have ad network.
All Android things don’t work on Huawei phones in same way. Some years back, a friend of mine had huawei phone. Once in few weeks, he used to say your phone can do wonders and I wasn’t able to do same things on his . Yahoo mails was one such major.
So , I thought maybe one here using gd and Huawei can tell that yes no issue.

I installed my games on both Huawei phones I have and both work perfectly.
Just my experience!

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Great! Huawei also offers digilab for this purpose. Once my developer account is approved I can test apps there too. But thanks for confirming with physical phones too.

Actually, Huawei does their own thing to a large extent. Android yes, but Huawei Android. There are some differences in the OS, especially in the last 3 or 4 years.

This is not a place to discuss slow speed of other websites. But in 2020 I forgot 2010 era when websites used to take time to load themselves. Huawei developer console once application is approved has made me nostalgic. They are supremely slow or maybe I need to adjust something in my browser to make it faster . Don’t know

I haven’t owned a Huawei but I think all brands have their own flavor of Android, which is partly the reason why they don’t offer many updates (applying Android updates to their custom flavor is too much work). Hopefully, Treble has changed (or will change) that:

Hello! I have a problem with the huawei p40 series. When I put an admob in the game, and run the game on the huawei p40, the screen just goes black and kicks me out of the game. I tried multiple games, but it always knocked me out. On other cell phones it works normally with the admob. should I encode HMS Core into my game? Does anyone know how to solve this? Sorry for bad english

My application with Huawei is in pending status currently. If you have full access to HMS kit , then go ahead. You can also test on Huawei virtual devices. If you face problem or your results passes let me know too .

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But i dont know how to implement huawei kit code in gdevelop project. If you want, send me your ready made apk on whatsapp and i will try to run it on my huawei p40, if you have admob.

As you may know, Huawei has been banned from using Google. This means that the Huawei phones don’t have the software libraries to make Google Admob work on them. I don’t think it should crash the game, though. :thinking:
Can you confirm that the Admob example project crashes on your p40?

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right now i am testing the game on different cell phones. The problem is in new huawei cell phones that don’t have “GMS” built in. Now I’m going to try to make a little video in 30 minutes. wait

i have some apps i made with “mit app inverter” and “quickappninja” and the admob on them works great on all huawei phones.

Can you elaborate your problem? Google play store will not be a problem for you if admob is not working on Huawei or play store is not working on Huawei.
If you are trying to develop for huawei app gallery then you should not use admob.

The problem is in gdjevelop5 which has a very outdated cordova admob free plugin which is no longer used anywhere except in gdjevelop5. Users who have OLDER Huawei mobile phones, and who do not have GMS at the same time, can not properly run the game they downloaded from google play or app gallery (anyway) if admob integreted …Users who have NEW Huawei mobile phones, can not properly run your game that has admob .

this is a big problem because a lot of people in the world use Huawei, and to me the Huawei App Gallery has proven to be the best source of revenue on my previous apps I’ve built through some other builders.
For example :
My same app on the google play store has been downloaded 10 times, and on the huawei app gallery 150 times
What’s the point if I can’t monetize my game or app properly?

Ok then I can say you should contact admob for this issue too. As in your video , you show issue with your admob ads .
Gd5 is open source so people are doing great work for us.
Has Huawei issued some warning that your game can’t be played on HMS only as pointed out by you ?

Game can be played on HMS only but it will not run if you use admob. i tried with other games i made in gdevelop, i tried on simulators and on my personal physical cell phone and on my friend’s physical cell phone which unlike me has p40 pro and i have p40, and no model works

the game starts, and after a few seconds it simply stops

I sent an email to huawei. I told them to contact the Gdevelop community and try to simplify or better explain how to solve this problem in their benefit

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