GDevelop HTML 5 Vs Older Ipads ios 9.3.5 = : (

Hello Gang!
I have just gotten back into Gdevelop after a hiatus, and have been doing some HTML5 testing. Am running desktop Gdevelop 5.0.145 on Mac
All of my projects have run great on an old iPhone 8

I have two older Ipads (3 / 2) running ios 9.3.5
Anything I export to HTML5 (hosted on a server OR via Network Preview) gives me a black screen on these devices. (Safari or Firefox)
In addition no Gdevelop logo ever comes up to indicate loading.

The network preview / hosted project works great on a Ipad 7 / Iphone 8 / the rest of the world

SO - the big question -
Has Gdevelop simply passed this older era of ipad by?

thanks for any input

UPDATE - Same results on a Ipad 4 ios 10.3.3
Highest version (allowed on this ipad) of Firefox and Chrome installed

Same results as before.
Anybody have any idea on what the minimum requirements would be to run Gdevelop HTML5 on them in a browser would be?

Gonna try building as a iOs app but expecting that to be beyond my skills

thanks gang!

The main requirement I am aware of, is that the devices have to support current WebGL standards. (I believe specifically WebGL1)

In many cases browsers remove older GPU/OS support for their WebGL renderers as they release new updates. In other cases vendors don’t update their GPU drivers to support current standards.

Unfortunately, It’s not something that can really be monitored on the GDevelop side.