Gdevelop image problem

this is the game

but when I saw it-
why can’t I see my character in preview

Make sure the floor has a Platform behavior otherwise the character will fall for all eternity

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Insert a pause command at begin of screen condition and check of you can see it
Run in debug and check the player existence and position.
Debug is your friend :slight_smile:

Make sure the last frame in the character animation isn’t blank.

There are many things to check:
@UlisesFreitas said if you have added a Platformer Behavior to Player, add a Platform Behavior for Platform
Just like @MrMen said, make sure your last frame isn’t blank.
And just like @jumpingj said, debug your game.
Also, check if there aren’t any Hide Object actions.

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already added Platform Behavior
no, my frame isn’t blank.
also there aren’t any Hide Object actions

Please share some screenshots of your events so we can see what’s happening there

Then do as @jumpingj said, debug your game using image
Check if the object event exists. Also, show your event.

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I even don’t what happened and I just reopened the game and now I can see my player in preview , I have not debug even
But now there is another problem that the player is not on platform , he is above

It is a hitbox problem.
There were two threads like these recently