Gdevelop in 32 bit

Hello everyone
is there a way to get Gdevelop in 32 bits
Please I really need it!
I saw a post by @Bouh for this but in that many links were there so I got confused
And I want that the version should also get update
Please help

GDevelop is a 64 bit engine. 32 bit operating systems are not supported.

This is mentioned in that thread you linked as well.

New builds may of that unofficial release may or may not ever be made, but that thread would be the only place to get the last time one was made.

So ,do I have only the option to change my system properties?

To change the bitness of the OS, it is necessary that your computer (hardware) supports a 64-bit operating system and you need to reinstall it from the appropriate distribution kit.

5.0.121 for 32 bits is now publised