GDevelop in software repositories for Linux distributions

Here’s an obvious question I couldn’t help myself bringing up: With GDevelop being both a popular mature and well maintained project, how about getting it in the software repositories of some Linux distributions? This would make it even easier to run and maintain compared to downloading the appimage, maybe even boost its popularity further as a bonus!

I’m a Linux only user for the past decade, previously having been on openSUSE and now Manjaro. Unfortunately I’m not seeing GDevelop provided as a package in either distro by default. Godot by comparison is there and ready to install, like Blender and many other tools. Any reason GDevelop isn’t on the list and could that ever change in the future?

Not an expert in linux, but my understanding is that one doesn’t add their software to a Linux distributions’s repository, the Linux distribution’s team does after checking if it fully works or making patches to it to improve the performance and usuability on their distro. If I am mistaken, do you have resources explaining how to submit a software to a Linux distribution’s repos?

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That’s true. I don’t maintain packages for any distro myself so I never went through the procedures. I only know that in practice, once a piece of software becomes solid and popular enough, it makes its way into most of them. If that would help I could ask on the forum for Manjaro in my case.

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Thank you for this. It really helps me a lot