Gdevelop include 3d source of google game builder?

I saw an open source project for 3d really good is game builder of Google GitHub - googlearchive/gamebuilder: Game Builder is an application that allows users to create games with little or no coding experience. but it closed and not publish to mobile, can gdevelop integrated and we will have 3d mode to make game.
Game builder have some problem:
Closed, can’t show unicode like korean language, can’t publish to sell, can’t add 2d image to wall … with concept and source in this, gdevelop team can develop very fast.

Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunatley, what you are asking for isn’t something that is realistically possible.

  1. You cannot just take a completely different engine’s source code and mash it into another engine, thats not how it works.
  2. Even if that was how it worked, the code would have to be compatible. Game creator is a C# and Python engine. GD5 is javascript, so they couldn’t be merged anyway.
  3. GDevelop’s goal is to be a great, easy to use, 2D game engine. 3D support is not a goal nor focus on the engine. Even if a perfect match engine/codebase is found, it is not something likely to ever be considered or integrated.

If you are looking for an easy to use 3D engine that doesn’t require you to code, I recommend looking into the engine CopperCube.