GDevelop needs demos with better graphics

i’ve know this program for years and i always think the same “it has potencial but it lacks of demos with better graphics”

And i know what everybody is going to say -.- “not everything is in the graphics”

Well, all i see on demos and games from other developers are lazy games, that is how i feel when i see those games. I’ve only seen one game that I think is more worked and its not that cool.

What i want to say is, if GDevelop work on better demos with better graphics (not just pixel art) it will bring better designers wich means more atractive engine.

At this time idk if i can do something like this:

And i really don’t have the time to learn a new engine to try and fail


A collaborative team for create a game with GDevelop would be amazing !
Open source for better sharing, with people in graphic and programming and Reaseach and design.

If there are people interested, let us know.
It would mainly require illustrators
It’s my dream :blush:


Not pro in anything but I know about photoshop , illustrator , After effect and some about blender and 3ds max.
If you think I can be helpful in any kind please let me know.

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Im Graphic designer/artist, i know Gimp, photoshop and illustrator, im also 3d artist so, i can help, in fact i was thinking about that before creating the topic

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If this ever happens, I would love to help with any dialogue, plot structure, or writing… :slight_smile:

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Well, what are the most beautiful 2d games you have ever seen? (please not pixel art)
let’s try to imitate those graphicsas much as posible on GDevelop.
Let´s focus on a genre. Maybe platform

I can help with Illustrator work for one game to start with. I can’t work on the Characters but anything relation to UI, I might be able to help with.

i can’t wait.

Apart from graphics, the reason why a game like hollow knight looks so good is lighting shadows and reflections… You can fake some stuff in gdevelop using different layers, blending modes and parallax but it will not look as good and it will bog down the game… This was the reason why team cherry (the developers that made hollow knight) changed engines after the kickstarter from stencyl to unity…

I’m happy to see that this project seems to develop itself! I would be happy to help with programming if someone needs such skills.

I’m glad you’re interested in the idea.
Let’s try to have more people, don’t hesitate to share your work.
And what type of games you would like to create in team.
If you wish also share image reference of artwork or what ever do it, use the code below for embed your reference content in your post (for avoid large post with one thousand pic :wink: ).

my content
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Happy to have people working on more advanced/good looking examples :slight_smile:

Note that there is always the risk when working remotely with other people of never finishing anything because of trying something too ambitious.

So I would advice going for something that is very simple (maybe “too simple”) and ship something early that you (or other people) can iterate on and improve.
As a first step, having a set of high quality assets would be great for a new demo/example :relaxed:

I’d pitch in on this, but I’m not particularly talented with visual arts.

that is not the idea… my point (and the point on this topic) is to create a demo with better graphics, something well worked, so maybe simple or too simple is not the idea. But it needs to be short (will be a demo)

I propose a platformer and try to imitate as close as posible the art from the image. But no one awnser me and i do not have time for try to do it all by myself and failed, becouse i do not know the graphics limitations of gdevelop

Not sure how advance/visually appealing you guys are talking about but I do have an isometric game IV been working on in Gdev 5 for a couple months.

Not finished nor polished quite yet but I’m confident I can make look very nice.


You should create a sort of discord server or/and GitHub page to talk about this with interrested people and plan and work on the game.


Thank you for the tip, i’m not really asking for devs to make a demo, i’m just saying that GDevelop needs a demo with better graphics, BUT some guy came with the idea to make it us, and i think that maybe that is a good idea and i can do it but, it is still an idea. I propose a genre but no one awnser. If the people want to make it i’m in for sure.

Steve, that is a cool image, can you show more or maybe share a demo? looks interesting.
Also i think that make an isometric game with GDevelop is a bad idea. i was playing with the isometric demo and it was very disapointing, specially for the poor handling of layers, like for example with trees. Did you find any solution to that?

Hi Impheris and thanks for the reply. I do have more images I can share once I get back home(at work right now). As far as an actual playable demo I won’t be ready to publish that till hopefully late December or early January. I do agree about iso games being a bad example as Gdev does currently not have a lot functions that pertain to that style a lot of other game software have. Although I Haven’t had any major issues with layering yet, the “pathfinder” is not to impressive in iso games. Also using the pathfinder I noticed “bogs” down the gameplay quite a bit. I have more media of this game on twitter @indie907 if your on there. If not I’ll post more on here when I have the chance. Wish I didn’t have to rush through this message, thank you for your reply once again😁

We can make 2d top down or isometric Open world game.Like GTA Vice city.