GDevelop Online Distribution

Can we make a GDevelop Online store for games that were made by Companies and Individuals but individuals should be at least 18+ to get their games on the online store

I think the pricing to get their games on the store should be different for devs and individuals

Here are the prices for putting games on the platform:

50 USD a month
100 USD annually

100 USD a month
500 USD annually

But the games should be split into 2 sections based on who made them (I.e. A game made by a game company should be in the Company made section)

GDevelop did have a platform to share games, it is still online. No one was using it:
The fact it is still online may suggests 4ian didn’t give up on the idea.

Lol ! There are tons of (free) platforms, and Steam for example is only about 100USD single shot for lifetime and unlimited number of games.

Maybe he meant something that is integrated with GDevelop so you can publish/share your game right from GDevelop on the platform. I think it would be interesting if more people would be interested to share WIP content and demos and staff. Just a place like Discord, we can try the trash of each other and have a chat about it :smiley:

Wait, we can already share games right from GD or not? Except we can not browse the games on the platform we can only share links to the game we shared and also I believe 4ian mentioned games are deleted after 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue:
Not sure what he is planning with that and with gamedevshare.

I think the problem is, it is obviously cost money to host the games but nobody want to spend money on GD or the games they are making. People come here because it is free and cost no money…

… or Desura or IndieDB if you reach certain quality in your games

There are plenty of indie gaming sites where you can distribute your games for money or free. These platforms have huge communities, organize game jams and encourage the use of many game engines as possible accross its communities.

Let’s be honest: GD has the potential, but there are very few examples of games that really demonstrate certain degree of dedication and professionalism. No one will leave their huge gaming social networks to join a gallery of a few games made in a single game engine and which are charged large sums of money to access.

It is better to devote yourself to develope a great product in GD and then promoting it on the existing sites to attract attention on GDevelop first.