GDevelop Playground (snippets and mockups)

What: A high productivity, minimal version of GDevelop to create snippets for hellp on the forum and game mockups fast.

Why: Oftentimes, when helping on discord or on the forum, snippets sharing is tricky.

We can copy paste the events, but that requires opening GDevelop and pasting those events in to visualizse what they’re even doing, since the JSON is hardly readable. This is long, we don’t wlways have access to GDevelop when checking the forum, we might not (and likely should not) trust random JSON to be safe to paste into GDevelop, etc.

We can also share a screenshot of the events, but that is also annoying: when there are a lot of events, rewriting them one by one is very time consuming.

Often, one may not want to integrate a snippet into their project directly either, but simply test it out quickly. However, creating a project with GDevelop, writing the snippet, and deleting the project again is a time consuming and annoying operation, when the snippet is already just there, under our eyes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to see the events sheet, while being able to copy the events as-if you were in GDevelop, and there was a way to instantly test the snippet?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to quickly make a mockup and forget it?

The GDevelopm playground would help with all of this by allowing to quickly make shareable mockups and snippets of GDevelop events.


GDevelop playground

(Note: the mockup is incomplete, I would be happy to elaborate on details if the idea receives positive feedback)