GDevelop Remote App for Android TV

I’m developing a game for Android TV, sadly LAN/WiFi Preview gets rejected on the browser (at least that’s what it says), I’ve tried different browsers but it’s the same WebView engine so no luck, I also installed the regular GDevelop Remote app downloading the APK, but it gets stuck on a white screen after a quick glance of the logo, so I can’t really test my app quickly but exporting it and reinstalling it on the TV everytime I make a change, thanks!

As a heads up: The “GDevelop Remote” app is not an official app, nor is it supported or recommended on this forum. The author is infringing on the GDevelop’s company’s rights by using the name and logo without permission, unfortunately. (The name and logo are not open source/MIT Licensed)

Android TV is a different version of Android OS, so there is a chance that even built APKs will not work on it.

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Before I forget, you might try exporting your app to HTML5 and uploading it as private? That’ll likely be faster than exporting/installing the APK every time, if you can’t get the network preview to work.

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I tried but the controller interacts with the browser mouse instead of the game
On other browsers it simply does not work

Ensure you have “Enable fullscreen” on your upload, then use the browser mouse to click the fullscreen button on the lower right of your game (from, that should give gamepad focus to the game. Exiting may be a different problem, though.

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