Gdevelop Shader Graph

Hi, I’ve been using Gdevelop to develop my upcoming Game for months now. and I was about to go to phase where I need to make my game beautiful as possible. there’s VFX but I don’t really like the boundary, there are just few there. I want to develop my own VFX Via Shader. so to make it clear I want Shader graph so I could push further my game. and I believe this will make Gdevelop Shinier. because one of essential tool to make game beaufiful is Shader. it could add up a lot of game feel into the game, make a game atmospheric in different way. not only make it beautiful but it could come in handy in many way, also opening new job for developer who want to sell their asset. Imagine the benefit if Gdevelop had Shader Graph.

Just for clarification,The 2D renderer (pixijs) does not have native support for a shader graph for building new shaders, nor the methods of building one as far as I can see.

The 3D renderer (threejs) doesn’t have native support for one either, but there are some third party attempts to make one out in the wild. Even if it ends up being compatible, It wouldn’t be compatible with 2D content at all, though.