GDevelop Signing Key (Android)

Hello everyone,

My understanding is that the APK delivered by GDevelop is pre-signed for us.
I’m also aware that I can sign it with my own key by decompiling the APK…

However, I couldn’t find further information on the following:

  1. Does this mean GDevelop 5 will use the same signing key for all my apps/games every time we export to Android?
  2. Is there anyway for us to extract the signing key from GDevelop so that it can be saved locally in my computer?

Thank you

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I seem to remember a warning from the Play Store saying that my APK is not signed.
It did not prevent me from uploading said APK, though.
What makes you say that GDevelop signs the APKs?

Thank you Gruk. Yes, Google asks for an Android App Bundle…you can skip it and it should work fine. However, this is not what I’m inquiring about.

You can find it here:

Ah, okay. I haven’t messed with the Play Store in a while, sorry.
Are you asking to make sure you’ll be able to update your game? I remember posting updates to my own game on the Play Store, so it should work for you as well.
I would guess the signing key is general for all users, stored on the build server, and you cannot download it. I’m quite sure @4ian has a backup of the key to avoid future issues, he will confirm if he comes around.

Yes exactly. Future updates and in case I want to use the same key from GDevelop for other games I create in different engines.
I usually use tools like:

to sign the APK with my own key.

“I would guess the signing key is general for all users, stored on the build server, and you cannot download it.”

This is exactly what I was wondering about…

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I also would like to use my own key for the game. This way every game designed with Gdevelop in the Playstore is on the same key which only one person has. That makes no sense to me. Has anyone experience recompiling with their own key? A tutorial would be great. But any help is appreciated.

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See this: Publish your game to Android and iOS manually using Cordova [GDevelop wiki]
And this: Sign your app  |  Android Developers

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So what we guys have:

If you already published your game signed by GDevelop, the only way to update the game compiled outside GD is to contact Google saying you have lost your keys and creating your own key with subsequent uploading public hash of the keys to Play Console. And that’s possible only if you have turned on GP signing before game publishing.
And after all you won’t be able to update your game with GD exported files – only by resigning the file with your keys or compiling it on your own.



Please don’t bump year old (or older) threads.

To speak to your questions:

  1. Your concerns about the process and restrictions on changing keys is a Google process issue, not a GDevelop one. The same process would be true if you wanted to change your signing key for a manually built game as well. GDevelop has no control over Google’s requirements on signing keys and/or changing them.
  2. The external online build service is not part of the engine itself. It’s an external system linked in the engine to make it easier for users that don’t want to build their games themselves.
  3. There is an eventual goal to add an option around custom keys for the online build service. That said, this doesn’t have an ETA at this time.

If you have a question about signing your apps, or other questions, please feel free to open a new thread.

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