GDevelop vs Construct in 2022


I was wondering if there are any users who have used Construct 2/3 and what they think about GDevelop in comparision.

I’ve used Construct and Unity over the last few years or so, I was hoping someone might explain any big differences etc, or any tips that might help with my transition to GDevelop. Maybe also anything that is missing, that’s yet to be implemented.


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I haven’t used Construct 3 (C3) regularly since early 2019, but the biggest things I would say compared to GDevelop 5 (GD5):

  • Despite the event sheets looking similar, the actual events are pretty dramatically different. You are leading yourself down a bad path if you try to 1:1 apply C3 event logic in GD5. In most cases I prefer the GD5 logic by far, but it will take a while to get used to how gaming scaling works compared to C3.

  • GD5 has substantially more user extensions readily available than C3. If I were to take a guess, this is likely due to the curated list in GD5 making it easier for users to find and expand upon extensions.

  • C3 is pretty much a web-editor only. GD5’s Web editor is a demo and is not intended for full game development currently, although that may eventually change.

  • Performance wise GD5 seems to perform much better with a high quantity of objects. C3 performs a little bit better with multiple screen effects. These are both assuming you have optimal events and such.

  • It seems like C3 has finally added 3D support. There is no roadmap nor stated intent for GD5 to ever have full 3D camera support, although there are some community extension experiments, and the devs are focused on making it the best 2D engine they can at this point.

  • C3 has a lot of objects that are “defined” even though they’re just different versions of sprite or shape painter objects. GD5 does not currently do that level of abstraction for you. If you want a button, you’re currently expected to place an image and then place text over it, rather than a singular object. There are user extensions that can simplify some of these things for you. On the GD5 side this does mean you have substantially more flexibility on how you build your GUI, but it does mean you have to build it.

Those are the main ones I can remember from when I last used C3, and some quick google searches. There may be more, obviously. Hope this is helpful.


Thanks for the info, I’m sure other new users may be curious about these things :wink:

Last week I tried Construct 3 free version, and I have to admit it’s a very nice game engine, with few great features. In general, it looks very similar to GDevelop 5, but this is only a superficial impression.

One of the simple advantages compare to GD5 is “The Project Bar”:

It seems to be simple but very usable feature, why we don’t have it in GDevelop?



Feature requests really go into the feature request section of the forum: Feature requests - GDevelop Forum

I do recommend searching the forum first, however. I believe there’s been discussion around a folder structure numerous over a few threads that may be able to answer your question.

Thank you!

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