Gdevelop waiting to phone home?

I run most of my dev and do my testing on a “fake” lan. I have a handful of devices on a wifi router that is either not connected to the internet (or only port 80 is open) for testing and for internal projects. If i am logged in to my Gdevelop account before I switch to the fake/limited lan, then there is a long delay when exporting html games. I assumed this was Gdevelop phoning home - and if i log out of gdevelop this long wait goes away, which seemed to confirm my theory.

Recently I’ve started getting this behavior on exported games as well. If i run an app on an offline server, the app itself will switch to a grey screen after loading and sit there for a surreal amount of time before moving on to my game scene.

  1. Can anybody else replicate this? An html hosted on a raspberry pi a meter away will load fast, then just stall for up to a couple minutes before actually launching if it cannot talk to the internet.

  2. If this is really happening (and not some other behavior i’m mis-assigning or a behavior of the browser/hardware and not gedevelop), is there any way to disable whatever connection gdevelop makes? I had signed up to buy an account last year but stopped when I figured out that logging into gdevelop made my testing routine far far slower/worse.

I’m happy to buy a subscription if it stops the death lag/hang from happening. The behavior is mostly on html, but have also had it happen on apk files run on old phones.

Cheers for your thoughts!

This is likely because exported builds are linked to your account for analytics, I don’t think it’s export type specific though.

This is unusual, but you might ensure you have your account metrics disabled in your exported game to see if that helps? These analytics are for you to track user plays and such on your account.

There’s an event to Enable/Disable metrics that you can put in your starting scene in the “At the beginning of the scene” that may help.

Thanks, SS.

So there isn’t a project-wide disabling of analytics? Do i need to disable it at the start of every scene?

Technically the event is a project wide disable. You run it at the start of your game’s starting scene and it’s disabled for the entire game.

Awesome. That’s super helpful, Thanks!

I think there is a confusion somewhere because analytics are not tied to the game loading or runtime:

This is weird, any chance you would capture a video?

The action that Silver-Streak told you about is indeed valid, but is run concurrently to the game so should not impact the loading at all (it’s not awaited for, it’s just fired and considered “best effort” - if it does not complete it’s no big deal because there is nothing waiting for it to complete).

If the game loading is somewhat related to a network call, this is a bug and we’ll fix it.

I’m also surprised about this. Having a subscription (thanks for buying one last year btw!) should just toggle a switch in the backend services allowing your account to do more things.
BUT having a subscription should not include more network calls (that should be something obvious, but better say it again).

If you have a quick video or an exported game I can test, I’m happy to do that :slight_smile:

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