Gdevelop Wall Slide Glitch

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How do I…

Fix a wall Slide Glitch in my game. When the player wall slides, they don’t slide properly, and when they fall and you press the wall slide button, the player glitches. Also, when you wall jump, it briefly plays that animation, which I do not want it to.

What is the expected result

When you run the game and wall slide, the player should smoothly slide against the wall, and when you wall jump, there should not be an animation glitch where it plays the slide animation first.

What is the actual result

When the player wall slides, the animation plays, but the player is not against the wall, and when they fall and the key is being pressed, the animation glitches.

I am using the wall slide extension.

I am new to Gdevelop, so forgive any obvious mistakes.

Hello Muhammad!
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If you could share a screenshot of your events we could offer much more exact advice. My only thought first off is that you may have a condition that’s being triggered during the slide and also the wall jump, causing the computer to not know which condition to trigger. If you have further questions or more detail about the issue feel free to comment them and myself or someone else will offer up some more answers. Good luck!

  • Obee

Thanks for responding. Here is the code I used for the wall slide animation


Here is another image to show my issue in the game. Even when they are not wall sliding and falling, the animation plays.

Also, when the player wall jumps for a brief second, it plays the wall slide animation, which I could not get a picture of. I really appreciate the response and am looking forward to a solution. I apologize for any. Thanks again.