Gdevelop watermark overlapping ingame text

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How do I…

I’m trying to remove the gdevelop thing in the bottom left corner

What is the expected result

it disappears

What is the actual result

nothing happens, it’s still there

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Sadly, Youcan’t disable the watermark unless you pay a Subscription
But at least you can move the GUI above the Watermark or just place it somewhere else ig.

Edit: Nevermind I found out that you can actually choose where to place the Watermark.
Properties > Branding & Loading Screen > Gdevelop Watermark Placement
There you can choose “Bottom left” “Bottom right” “Top left” etc so it doesn’t cover anything

The watermark can be disabled regardless of subscription, you just uncheck the box on the loading screen and branding tab of the project properies. I believe it may default to on and the splash screen off (may be in error), but you can turn the splasb screen back on and it’ll let you turn off the watermark.

The loading screen GDevelop logo cannot be disabled via the gui without a subscription, but you can modify your exported source code to disable it if you want and are familiar with base64 and some other items. There is a thread elsewhere on the forums about it.


Oh jeez thank you, i didn’t know about that!

What if i got the subscription and published my game and canceled it after does the watermark comeback after it ends ?

I believe once you publish a game it creates a copy of it…