Gdevelop5 Tutorials [New version]

In this new series regarding the latest version of Gdevelop We are going to learn the basics of the program so let’s create a game from 0.

The series will be divided into chapters in order to learn one thing at a time.

Some videos are separated into several parts this because of my connection that for 5 minutes of uploading videos to YouTube takes 1 hour to upload.

  1. Movement character - [Chapter 1] - Movement character - Movimento Personaggio [Chapter 1] - YouTube

  2. Tilted Sprite [Chapter 2] - Tilted Sprite - Creazione Mappa [Chapter 2] - YouTube

  3. Creating the Camera - Layer Guide [Chapter 3] - Creating the Camera - Layer Guide [Chapter 3] - YouTube

  4. Map Management - Ladder [Chapter 4] - Map Management - Ladder [Chapter 4] - YouTube

  5. Movement enemies Part 1 [Chapter 5] - Movement enemies Part 1 [Chapter 5] - YouTube

  6. Movement enemies Part 2 [Chapter 5] - Movement enemies Part 2 [Chapter 5] - YouTube

  7. Character animations [Chapter 6] - Character animations - Animazioni Personaggio [Chapter 6] - YouTube

  8. Life character Part 1 [Chapter 7] - Life character Part 1 [Chapter 7] - YouTube

  9. Character Life and Game Over Button Part 2 [Chapter 7] - Character Life and Game Over Button Part 2 [Chapter 7] - YouTube

  10. Double jump Charater [Chapter 8] - Double jump Charater [Chapter 8] {Gdevelop 5} - YouTube

  11. Group Management [Chapter 9] - Group Management [Chapter 9] {Gdevelop 5} - YouTube

If you have any suggestions to improve the series are well accepted


Thanks for your work

Thanks for your great series althought the video it’s not in english, but I still learned something from what you had shown.

As far as I know, a complete game run should be in the sequence of:- Splash screen>Main menu(with play button)>Game play scene>Game over(with scores shown)…& so on. Is that so?

If I could request, a beginner series tutorial on How to make 1) own splash screen 2) create a Main menu screen 3) Game over page …


Can you make a tutorial about External layout and help me about making retry button

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Thanks to everyone, I remind you that in the description of the video there is a lot of information including the one to activate subtitles.

Since the channel is always constantly updated I have updated the list with new examples.

I hope soon to be able to record new examples.

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Hello LucaTexas22,
I noted you insert in below of the window “press P to Pause”.
How to manage it ?

This is the pause button I will dedicate a new video on the topic I hope soon.


Thank you so much! This is just what I was looking for…

I´m a newbie. Congrats from Spain! :wink:

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