GDExporter: a CLI tool for exporting GDevelop games

Hi everyone!
Today I built gdexporter, a project which let you build GDevelop games through command line fast and easily, for usage in CI for example. Right now it only has html5 export support.
You only need node. Do:

npm i -g gdexporter

To install. You can also install the latest dev version by cloning the repository, npm install and npm link:

git clone
cd gdexporter
npm i
npm link


gdexport [--in path/to/game.json] [--out path/to/output/directory]

By default, it assumes the project is located in ./Project/game.json, and exports to ./Exported. To use custom paths use the in and out parameter.

Real life Example on a CI:
Here is an example repository that autobuilds the game on every commit to master:

Link to the automatically built game:



Update: Now you can export for electron cordova and facebook instant games.
The old way of exporting still works. To export to electron cordova or face book use the following argument:

gdexport [-b|--build electron|cordova|facebook]

Love it! :rocket:

I had a blast deploying to vercel by adding package.json to my github repository root as follows:

  "name": "game",
  "private": true,
  "scripts": {
    "build": "gdexport --in game.json --out public/"
  "dependencies": {
    "gdexporter": "^3.2.3"

Assume the game saved as game.json in the root of the repository.

Love auto-magic deployment :smiley:

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I am happy this could help you :slight_smile: If you are interested, you can check out the plugins feature I recently added to automatically make a web manifest or add a service worker based on Workbox for runtime caching to turn your web exports into PWAs :wink: