GDROID - HTML5 to Android converter -Beta Version

Hi there guys !

I’m releasing the Beta version of GDROID to you guys . I would like to get some feedback on how I can improve on the current version.
Things to consider before using the program.

  • I’m not a programmer,and there probably will be some bugs within the program.
    !!!The current Crosswalk Webview converter uses a chromium browser ,it tends to slow down the game.I will be looking into this issue.
  • I will be adding additional features where you will be able to change things such as :
  • Custom icon
  • Certificate signing
  • Export for different target SDK’s
  • Layouts to cater for different resolutions. (Mutiple screen support)

Step 1 : Download

This is very importent !!!
Step 2 :
Create folder ----- C:\GDROID
Step 3 :
Copy to this folder. Unzip using “Extract Here” (Password – gdroid)
Step 4 :
Run setup
Step 5 :
Install GDROID

There is a word document ( in the resources folder .Open it to see how GDROID works.


nice, lets try it out!

Hi Dani

The previous link was broken …I edited my post with the new link. Sorry for the inconvenience .

PS * Remember people you still need the following programs installed to run GDROID :

  • Nodejs
  • Java JDK
  • Gradle
  • Ant
  • Android SDK

All paths needs to be set up in system variables. Check my tutorial to see how.


Hi there

Please take note :
I found two bugs while running the program this morning. After using GDROID you’ll have to manually delete the contents of the HTML5 folder before running the Webview converter again.

  • Folder content to delete : C:\GDROID\Application Files\GDROID_0_0_0_0\html5…just the content not the folder HTML5 itself.

The same problem persists with Easy CLI converter. Before running Easy CLI again manually delete the the “whole” folder called :

C:\Gdev and it’s contents.

It seems that the program at the moment is not set to overwrite content of previous created projects. I will be fixing this in the next few days.



You say you are not programmer when you actually are programming tools to be together!
Keep working, so you are going to reach higher on community :wink:

Hi, Roelof1978 !

Your program works perfectly for me. :sunglasses:
Congratulations on the well done job. I did it all by hand, now it’s automated.
I think things can still be automated. Just specify the directory where the project was exported and then get the .apk file, without any other action :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the problem with me with the lack of sound in my mobile phone goes on :frowning:
If you have the desire and time, try this test project to see if there is a sound for you.!AodYmY7Y3SNomUiiy8-Z2IhIS7qM

This is exported to Cordova. The same zip file I use with PhoneGap.

If other of you have the time and desire please try if they have sound on their cell phones with this test project. Is the lack of sound only on my 2 mobile phones?
When pressed “wav”, a sound must be heard, and “Wave” should be displayed at the bottom.
When pressed “ogg”, a sound must be heard, and “Ogg” should be displayed at the bottom.

Thank you very much!
Happy New Year!

Hi there vpvelev

I downloaded your project and compiled it using CLI and Webview. Both of the exported apk’s do have sound on my mobile devices. Are you sure that you have all the necessary software installed ? It is probably something so small that you are missing . Have you tried installing a different version of Gdevelop ,like I mentioned in a previous post ? If you can’t find a different version …let me know . I’ll upload mine then we can check if it makes a difference. This is really strange… :confused:
PS : I appreciate the feedback about GDROID. I will be looking into your suggestion . I will be adding more features to GDROID during the next few days.

Happy New Year to you to !!!

Hi, Roelof1978,

the strange thing is that when you sent me your .apk file, I also had no sound on the phone.
This should mean that the problem is in my phones, but as I wrote before, I tried a similar program with GoDot and the same phones sounded.
I think I have all the programs that are needed and which you have listed.

PS. I’m sorry that I do it with my problems in your topic GDROID.

The link is broken again… Please re-upload it so I can use your program…
I need to export android games.