General Consistency in text (Force applied length or speed? In this case but also with variables)


Just to be clear
For example if in action it would say “and speed … in pixels/s”
Instead of “and length … pixels”
It would look better

We really at some point will require consistency in description of what is what
I do know that it is the same thing
But no user should figure out what is the difference or is there any difference
You see name of something in action window
Same name should be used in action event section for describing said thing
Same for conditions
It is minor thing but the more i see stuff like that i feel i would have worst new user experience if i start with things that did not had consistent naming trough whole UI

On top it is confusing even for me when i struggle with dyslexia

I wish that list of such text inconsistencies were made and in some future updated be addressed
Or maybe fix 1 per update?

And about inconsistencies
It was addressed (NOT by me) already but lets not forget about variables

Why in condition we have boolean on top but in action list not?
Why does text variable says value instead of text
Technically number variables should say number where text should say text
Where i do agree and understand both are just values
But either we generalize everything or we adjust it to the point
Where NO USER will be able to ask question about them because wording would be so obvious there would be no room for doubts
Same as we have now these cool icons that are very clear to distinguish one type of variable from another

I would wish same icons would be added as prefix in action/condition list window

Yeah we do have there text saying Scene variables
But lets face it
Its faster to tell what it is by

Than this

Yeah that few extra milliseconds are life changer
But seriously
This is minor issue yet Quality of Life improvement which would not hurt

On the first part… Are you talking about “Length” and “Speed”?
Because those have always made sense, you move by the length of 300px per second, or 400mph or 200Km/h… at least thats how i see it, maybe im wrong…

Think that ones fine…

Now as far as the search engine goes… yeah couple changes would be nice, like “At the beginning of the scene”… its such a long condition but you have to type almost the whole thing for it to pop up.