General effects for 3D

It would be nice to have a ambient occlusion effect for 3D bc, i mean look at this:

u cannot see where the bridge is

General effects:

  • DOF (depth of field)
  • AO (Ambient occlusion)
  • Posterize/Limited color palette (so you could for example make an 8 bit game in 3D)
  • Anti-Aliasing effect (Select what type of anti aliasing you want like)

Performance effects:

  • Face-Culling
  • Ambient culling

For 3D the performance effects are seriously needed since in my game, Mine 3D u can only handle about 400 blocks (sounds like alot but its not) since its 400 blocks gdevelop renders 2400 faces or 4800 triangles, with face culling it would be only about 1000 faces or 2000 triangles, ambient occlusion would take that even further by not rendering faces behind other faces

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That would be really nice. They do have a 3D bloom filter however.

The adjustment effects are right under the bloom effect too.


they dont have the adjustment effect i need :((

i need the stuff like

Red color channel 0-5
Green color channel 0-5
Blue color channel 0-5
Alpha Channel 0-5

Just basically all the things from the adjustment effect thats on the 2D effect thing