Generate random trivia questions

can I ask for another, sir? do you have any ideas how should I execute random trivia questions in one scene? or is there such a method?

Put all your questions in an array (say named array_of_questions). then choose a random entry using RandomInRange(0, VariableChildCount(array_of_questions)-1)

thank you sir. can I ask another?

Another question? Yes, by all means. Ask questions if you’re unsure about things. That’s what the forum is for.

okay sir thanks. Is there any way to change one object’s animation when I already put it in another external layout?

You can change it, but the changes will be through all the external layouts with the same base scene.

Your external layout has a base scene, and the layout uses that base scene’s sprites. If you change a sprite in the external layout, the change will be applied to the base scene’s sprite. Any other external layouts that the same base scene will also see the sprite changes.

I made an external layout and this is what I did sir. I set the object ‘popUpTrivia’ to global and rename all the animation in there. So that I can easily determine what scene will appear in every number.

And does it work as you’d like?

yes sir. another one sir. is there a condition or action that pause a little before it changes to next scene when you click it? because if you click a button, it will automatically change scene.

If you are using the left mouse button pressed event, you can change that to the left mouse button released instead, so it actions once the click is finished.

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Okay sir. I will ask again if I found some bugs :smiley: Thank you for helping me.

Dear good sir. I am having trouble in this action. The second line to be exact.
Screenshot 2022-04-01 213907

Could you please help me? I am currently looking for that action but I can’t seem to find it. Thank you.

That looks like an older version of GDevelop. The second line is just modifying a text object. You can find it by searching for “Modify text object” in the actions list.

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that’s why I couldn’t find it. thank you sir.