Get game version in event action so i can use it as text

Is there an easy way to get the version number of a game (Game Settings → Properties → Version number) in an event action?

The reason I ask is that I display my game’s version number on the very first two scenes of every game I have. This makes it easier for QA. Previously, I have been setting this text manually, but certain games have a lot of versions floating around and it’s becoming very difficult to do that without being error prone. So is there any easy way to get game properties, specifically game version numbers, so i can display them as text?

I do have a workaround of calling the data.js file, and after reading this post i thought about doing it with the built in substring() function. But is was a LOT easier to just do it with vanilla javascritpt.

There’s an extension that can do that for you. Once you install it to your project modify the text object with currentgameversion.

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Thanks! I’ll remember to check the extensions first next time.