Get Item "only" if level completed

Hi guys … In the levels of my platform the player can collect "items, in this case as shown in the picture its “iconn1”. When the player is in collision with “iconn1” he earned this “item” which disappears so that you only can collect this item once. At the moment you can collect this item and leave the stage and you still have the item.

But I wanted to “collect the item” + “complete the level” (in this case the player falls into a portal to solve the level) … If the player only “collect the item” and then leave the stage, then the item should not appear in his inventory …

Any idea how to do that?

The pic is in German language, I hope you understand it.


I think the simplest would be just to have a variable that gets triggered (like "level1_complete), and if this is not true, then remove the item from the inventory at the start of next scene.