Get physical object movement angle for animation(SOLVED)

Hello, I’m making NPCs (Physics 2.0 objects with 0 gravity) for a top-down game and can’t figure out how to do the animations for them, walk-cycles in 8 directions, basically the same thing you can see in “Isometric game” example, but for a Physics 2.0 object.

Is there a way in Gdevelop to get the movement angle of a physics 2.0 object?

Have you tried ObjectName.Angle() ?

Yes, but i need to get the angle of the movement, not the angle of rotation of an object, since my objects have fixed rotation in order to display character sprite correctly.

I see.
Unfortunately, there’s no expression for this, but it seems you can compute it likeso:

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Thanks, this seems like the right approach to do this, but the problem is that the angle value is “mirrored” so the animation only plays correctly when they go down.

Well, I finally figured out how to do it:

Among other things, you need to swap animations 5 and 7, so everything will be displayed correctly.
Here is the result:

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