Getting current X image offset of a sprite

Hello there,

as mentioned in the title, I would like to get and return the value of the image X offset of a sprite.

So I would like to reference it as SpriteObject.ImageXOffset()

And add conditions similar to “If Sprite X position is equal to” SpriteObject.ImageXOffset()

How can I do that?

I did not find any expression for it.

Do you want to offset standard sprites, or do you mean you want this expression for the existing tiled sprites actions?

The expression is not exposed, but there is a condition and action for the offset of tiled sprites.

I want to offset existing tiled sprites.

What I’m trying to do is to set the the offset of the second tiled sprite background in relation to the the first tiles sprite background. (I’m spawning the backgrounds dynamically depending on the progress of the game).
So I’d like to be able to get the value of what the current offset of the first background is.

add action:
backgroundtiledsprite2=> set image x offset => then I type in field: backgroundtiledsprite1.XOffset() + 200

But I did not find an expression like XOffset()

OK, moving the topic to Feature requests, as this expression is not available.

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