Getting fullscreen to work properly?

I’ve been having issues with using fullscreen in my games. My current project is a learning game for my son, to help him learn the alphabet. To accommodate all of the graphics on a larger scale for children, I made it widescreen (1280x720). Entering fullscreen works fine on my wife’s laptop, which uses integrated Intel graphics at 1366x768. Meanwhile, on my desktop, I am using an Nvidia GT 730 at 1920x1080. If I go into fullscreen, it seems to only stretch it horizontally, but not vertically. It leaves black bars at the top and bottom, as if it’s using a 4:3 resolution instead of 16:9.

Is there a way to make fullscreen work reliably on multiple systems? At some point, I would like to distribute this game to help other children after adding considerably more content (letters, numbers, words, basic math, shapes, colors, rewards for completing lessons, etc), but I don’t want to distribute it with known problems like this.

In the action to go fullscreen there is an option to stretch the window, check it out and let me know if it doesn’t work. If your camera have a 4:3 resolution and you want to fill the screen of a 16:9 monitor, you’ll have to stretch (or change your camera size, but the area you’ll be see through the camra will be different) :slight_smile:

The games resolution is already set to 1280x720, but I tried manually setting the camera to that resolution at the beginning of each scene, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

The setting to maintain the aspect ration is for HTML5 only, and this is a native game, but I set it to yes anyway, still no effect.

“Change the size of the screen” doesn’t seem to help either.

What DOES fix it, is changing my video card’s scaling settings to “Full screen” as apposed to “aspect ratio”, which doesn’t make sense considering 1920x1080 and 1280x720 are the same aspect ratio. I had to change the scaling on my wife’s laptop previously, so that might be why it worked on the first try there. Asking end-users to change their video card settings to make a game look right isn’t very nice, so an in-game fix would be helpful.

You said it yourself, it is due to your graphics card settings so we can’t do a lot there.

I tested and it works correctly on my computer (a game with a 16/9 aspect ratio don’t have any black border when in fullscreen).