Getting shadow clones to change whenever the player picks up a power-up

I’m using the shadow clones extension. I was told that it only works if it’s active every frame, and the GDevelop wiki says that the only way to do that is to have an action without a condition. That’s also been proven by the fact that whenever I try to trigger a shadow clone using a condition, it doesn’t work. This is a problem.

The way my game works is that there’s constantly a shadow clone following the player. I’m able to get the default one to work, but when the player picks up a power-up, I want the shadow clone to change. In order to do that though, it has to change under that condition, but shadow clones don’t work with conditions, so I’m not sure what to do.

It probably isn’t the correct way, but in theory, I should be able to make an event where the condition is the player colliding with the power-up, and the action is various things, including deleting the default shadow clone and then animating a different one. But it doesn’t work. It deletes the current one, but doesn’t create the new one. The only time I’m ever able to get a shadow clone to work is if it’s an action without a condition.

Here’s an example of an event attempting to change a shadow clone that doesn’t work:

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Edit: I just noticed the date. I didn’t realize this was an old post. Oops.

I’m not too familiar with the extension. What if you change the animation of the clone object. You could have animations with names that match either the object names or one of it’s variables and when there’s a collision change the animation.