Getting share links for exported game on liluo

Hi there!

Right after you publish your game on liluo via Gdevelop it gives you the possibility to copy share links for your game for different platforms (for facebook, etc.)
I was wondering how I can get a share link for my game published on liluo after publication later on?

I don’t think these links aren’t stored at the moment, but if you opened the link when you first made it, you should find it in your browser’s history.
I’ll ask if we can get the links stored in the builds’ menu.

It seems I didn’t try with the right project.
You can access the links of your games using the “SEE THIS GAME BUILDS” button in the Publish menu, or going to File/Games Dashboard.

But one time I copied the share link and it wasn’t the same as when I copied the link in the adress bar after opening the game via the Games Dashboard. So they are actually the same link normally?

And maybe it would be more handy to add a “Copy Game Link” button? It’s easier than having to launch the build in the brower and then copy the adress from the adress bar.