getting the player to move faster over certain objects

Trying to make the playformer slide on the ice blocks like he is supposed to do. I messed with the acceleration and max speed, and nothing makes him get in a hurry about moving from one place to the other, he just goes along as he always has.

Is winter_icebox the name of the platform he’s walking on? It may be that a platform doesn’t count as a collision when you’re walking on it. An alternative would be to put an invisible object just above the platform and check for a collision with that instead.

Thanks for the help. This issue is solved. I had to drop the numbers back quite a bit as I had them way too high. But I took a normal object the jumpthrough wooden logs from the tutorial, and added them in and put them in my hidden group, which is hidden at the beginning of each scene. Then I tiled them all across the top of the ice block, and changed the collision from the ice block to the new skid object and it worked like a charm. :slight_smile: