Ghost effect running player

Hello all,
I’m triying to manage the ghost effect: when the player run you’ll see these:

It is necessary handly manage timer and opacity.
Does exist a simply way to do it ?


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CorianderGames have made a nice effect very close

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Ok so there are two ways to do this …
Hard way: using tweens or using variables to increase and decrease your character opecity once you begin to hit the dash button.
But this one I didn’t use so I don’t have that much knowledge about it and I honestly didn’t like the effect it comes with.

Smart and super easy way:-

1- take a moving photo from your character so for example your character is running, choose the one with a lot of motion in it.

2- go to any editing software and add (blur - smudging - etc…) just to make it look that it’s really in motion.

3- go into GD then add the edited photo.

4- do some events saying when you hit the dash button create the edited blurred photo behind the character and make it’s position always behind the character.

5- and now you have a very decent dash effect with almost no programming stuff involved.

If you want I did the same effect in my next game Miko Mind Dreamer, you can check out the devlog Bouh tagged up there, and you can see for yourself how cool this effect looks in action!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


good idea the smart solution. But if the player is jumping I can’t put the blurred picture behind the player but down. I have to work but I’m sure that yours suggestions will help me .

Oh yes you can, just add a create event when you press the dash button.
and another event with no condition and put in actions a position event to keep the blurred image always behind the player no matter where he is.