[GitHub #6317] Standardise Ctrl and Shift presses across the app

A GitHub issue was created for this change. You can follow it here

So I want to delete all these property events.

  1. I click on the bottom one:

  2. Now I hold CTRL and select the top-most one.

What I expected to happen:

What actually happens:

Btw, there is a inconsistency between selecting multiple things in the variables tab and at the eventsheet.

On the eventsheet, you hold shift and click on multiple events to select them.
On the variables tab, you hold ctrl and click on multiple variables to select them.



You want select multiple right? I found that way before you made this feature request, actually that way already exists, but it’s a little different from the mechanic you told me about.

the method is quite simple! that is, just press “Shift” and select which events you want to select one by one

I hope this helps you :heart:

the method is quite simple! that is, just press “Shift” and select which events you want to select one by one

Hello, you misunderstood the request, I know that feature, but is not what I am proposing.

I suggested a way of selecting multiple events at once just like you can do in the file manager:

How Do I Select Multiple Files at Once?

You have to select files and folders before you can cut, copy, or move them elsewhere. The fastest method to select all files in a folder is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. But follow the steps below if you want to choose a specific first and last file in a series and leave out the others.

  1. Select the first file (it will be highlighted in blue) with a single click.

  2. Go to the last file on the series you want to select. Press the Shift key on your keyboard and select the final file.

  3. All files in the series will be selected.


Oh I absolutely need this feature. Not sure how it’s still not present :slight_smile:

Currently, shift works like how I expect ctrl to work.
And ctrl doesn’t do anything, it seems.

We need the current shift to be moved to ctrl, and shift to behave like how you request in your post, which means selecting everything between the first and last thing you select, and maybe adding a ctrl+A to select everything too.

Dragging is messed up too. If you select multiple events, and you drag them somewhere else, it only drags the event you clicked on instead of everything that’s selected. However, dragging seems to work properly for conditions and actions inside events at least.