[GitHub Issue #4987] Bulk import local animations and frames

Not sure if this has been recommended, but I didn’t see it.
Relatively simple idea-
Right now, you can add an animation, then click add sprites and have it add several sprites to one animation as individual frames.
What I’m suggesting is the ability to do the same thing, but instead of frames, create multiple animations. So let’s say I grab 10 sprites and it creates one animation for each sprite, rather than manually building each one. This would be a huge time saver.

One example is something I’m working on right now. 20 sprites that make up a fence- if I use my 20 pieces and go through, and place them manually, I can quickly change the animation # in the editor so they match up.
Or, if I want to place them dynamically, I’m able to have named them and create logic that utilizes my nomenclature instead of less-descriptive frame or animation numbers.
For visual aid - right now I would need to go and add a bunch of animations, like this, and then add sprites to each one.

Which could result in something like this:

So the suggestions is to take:
Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 5.05.56 PM

And have a drop down or something, similar to the “+Add a sprite | v”
But in this case, the drop down could be “Add one animation | Add multiple animations”

this would be an amazing feature honestly.

Hello, jasonl

What if I wanted, for example, 3 animations with 5 different frames in each one. How would I go about selecting and specifying each frame for each animation? Or would that not be possible? Would your suggestion just be to create multiple animations with a single frame?

My suggestion had single frame animations in mind. This would mainly be useful for static objects.

However, I suppose a way of doing it could be to have 3 creation options: Create animation | creation multiple animations | create multiple static animations
The reason I think three would be ideal if that were incorporated is because it would require additional steps to add multiple frames to multiple animations in a bulk manner.

For example, creating multiple animations with multiple frames would need to look something like → Create multiple animations → Choose number of animations to create → select files for animation 1 prompt → select files for animation 2 prompt → etc,

That would be helpful in speeding up the process of adding something like 8-directional walking animations, though I feel less bogged down when doing that currently than when I want to add a bunch of single frame scene props to one object.

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Hey y’all!
I’m letting you know that an issue on GitHub has been created for this feature: Bulk import animations and frames · Issue #4987 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Now it’s up to the community of devs and artists to build it :muscle:t3:
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