[GitHub issue #5571] Automatically update variable names/relationships in event/action sheet

Need feature to automatically update variable names in event/action sheets across game based on the changes done in Game Settings> Global variables or in the instance through Properties, or in the object through Object >Variables.
For example,

  • If the instance variable InstVar for an object has been renamed to InstaVarNew through Properties, any events/actions where InstVar is used should be automatically replaced by InstaVarNew.
  • If the GlobalVariable (LevelVar) is restructured as GlobalVariable(PlayerStats.Levelvar), then events/actions where LevelVar is used should be automatically replaced by PlayerStats.Levelvar.

This feature will help developer quickly implement the changes to the structure/variables and evolve variables model as appropriate. Currently, after making the changes in Instance/ObjectVariables/Game Settings> Global variables, developers have to update the variable name/structure manually in the event sheet.

Please note that this change is only request for any structural/name changes to the variables and not their type (changed from Boolean>Num, etc.). In case of such changes, the corresponding events where these variables are being used must be highlighted for developers to review.


Hi TrinityNeo!
Thanks for pointing this out.
I am letting you know that an issue has been created on GitHub and it is now open for development.

You can follow it (or contribute) here:

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