[given solutions] Add a "Go to next scene" action?

Right noww there’s no way to use a simple action to go to the next scene.
Like you shouldn’t have to use variables to do something like go to the next scene
Now you ask, “well what’s the next scene?”, one way you could do it is by either make a scene panel, like the layers panel but for scenes? I don’t know if this is complicated to implement but it would be very appreciated and useful

I’m not sure what you’re asking for, specifically.

Why does the “goto scene” action not fulfill this for you? It doesn’t need any variables. It populates a list of your scenes.

I suspect OP want to provide a list of scenes (or use the scene order as it is in the editor), and rather than name the scene to open, and have GDevelop open the scene that’s comes after the current one on the list.

My guess is then the scenes can be switched around without having to refactor a number of goto scene actions.

Personally I’d put the list of scenes in an array, a delimited string or a file, and select the next one from that.