Global and scene indicator for new variable system

I love how the new system makes reading complex formulas easier. I do wish there was a way to tell if a variable is a scene or global variable.

In this example a and b are scene while c is global.

Possible options. I don’t think adding an icon within the expression would work. It would be nice to have it in the autocomplete list. For expressions, I can think of 2 methods. You could use a different color for the variable types. Either 2 separate colors like blue and green or maybe just black for scene and green for global. Another option would be to have a tooltip appear under the variable after you hover for a short period of time.

Something like this. The variable name could also temporarily become bold or a different color.


I like your idea
But personally i would expand it or more like combine it

I would opt in for 3 icons each for each variable type
Where each icon have different color
We could use same icons as always but they should not have include same color as other 2
That would be perfect solution in my eyes
Or maybe use alt codes symbols as icons?

For example this is me holding left alt and pressing (then releasing) number 1 2 3 4 5 6 on numeric keypad (one right from arrow keys)

7 8 9
• ◘ ○

Where there are tons of alt codes to pick from
I do not suggest using alt codes just to be clear
But icons (which are just text characters) for each 3 types of variables

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I love the ability to just use a*b+c but it’s too vague especially when showing it to others. I definitely would like something toggleable so you can the user can decide or you can turn it on when making a screenshot.

I like the simplicity of a-b+c. IDK. How about a-b+ :globe_with_meridians:c. Mabye only use a symbol for global variables and everything else would be assumed to be a scene variable.

I still kind of like the idea of shortening the syntax to Var(), VarStr() and GVar() or GlbVar()

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This is literally perfect icon in my eyes for global

For scene i would go with simply hollow square

And for object i would go with UFO (Unidentified Flying OBJECT)
It would make more sense like 15-20 years ago but still

On top of that O S G (Object Scene Global) prefix for var to determine which type of var it is is also good idea

Anyway i think there could be better way we just need to wait for someone to come here with totally different idea we didn’t think about yet

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I’m starting to use the new systems even for examples. I guess for now, I might also post my variable screen with examples. IDK. It’s going to take a while to get things smoothed out and everyone on the same page.

As stupid as it is i was thinking about

-! - object var
-@ - global var
-# - scene var

Don’t mind - before each character
They are there just because of forum formating

IDK, it’s tough. You need something that is clear. Those don’t scream scene or global. Object variables shouldn’t be a problem because you’ll have an object before them like Newsprite.ID.

That’s why i stated “as stupid a it is”

I still wait for someone to come here with better idea and i do believe someone will have better solution

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