Global groups problems

So the way my game works is that the whole game is divided into a few levels using scenes, and the different scenes inside each level are built in external layouts. Each level has different enemies and special effects, so as they are all basically the same I put them into global groups, in order to use them in the external events. Here comes the problem: once the non-global objects are in a global group, the whole group only work in the scene(level) where that non-global object belongs to and doesn’t work anymore in other scenes(levels). Is this the problem of the engine? I really need to use the non-global objects instead of the global ones for performance. Is there another way to use the non-global objects altogether without using the groups?

Unfortunately, global groups are designed to be used with Global Objects. They will not work with non-global objects. Object Groups containing Text Objects no longer selectable for Shadow Events if made Global - #9 by Silver-Streak

From an optimization standpoint, however, I believe you can reuse events/use external event sheets/etc that target a Non-global group, so long as you have a group with the same name in the scene it is being used in. It will mean you’ll need to recreate the group in every scene you need it in, but it will allow you to exclude it from scenes you don’t want to use it, as well as allow you to exclude objects from the scene that you don’t need.

Thanks! By the way, can an external event be linked to multiple scenes? I mean not by using the link in the scenes but by selecting scenes for the external events.

“Selecting a scene” when making an external event, is just for populating object names while working on the events.

Note: In order for it to work in multiple scenes, any objects the external events refer to must also exist in those scenes. This will normally mean they need to be global objects or exist in that scene.