Global music - HELP!

Sorry for my english, I am using google translate. I liked your constructor very much, but ran into a problem. I make music in the main menu global, but when I switch to another scene, the music is played again, I can hear that a copy is playing in the background, how to correctly make the transition between scenes (back and forth) without turning off the music and not starting to play back. Scene 1 = start the music> Click on the sprite> Go to scene 2 without turning off the music> On stage 2 click on the sprite> Return to scene 1 without turning off the music.
From stage to stage without turning off the music, thank you …

In the properties of Stage 2 (the scene you are changing to), uncheck this checkbox.

What that will do is it will not stop the music and sounds that were being played before the scene changed to the current scene.

Yes, but if used without Trigger once
or Start scene then artifacts are obtained, rattling, and the music itself begins to play back

The screenshot above has nothing to do with trigger once.

It is a checkbox in your scene properties.

You will still need to use trigger once/beginning of scene in your event conditions.