Global object actions gone [SOLVED]

I opened Gdevelop today to work on my game and after a while realized my item spawning was not working, I checked the code, and both the actions and conditions were gone, I thought it was on me, and simply re-did it (not super complex). I got it working but when an enemy spawned it just sat there, I checked the enemy code and it looked like the photo. can i get some help please?

Is this how all your events look? Or just the enemy ones? Did you delete a object from the object editor (event if to replace them with another object with the same name)? Or have removed a layer?

I made a majority of my objects into global objects -my game is going to use multiple scenes for rooms- though I’m not so sure that’s the cause because the player code is still there

it’s this way for enemy and item code -the majority of my came- the item generation especially


i figured it out, and i feel like a dunce

so it turns out that if you make an object you have in multiple scenes a global object than delete the non global version, it deletes the code for them in external event sheets.

R.I.P. my code

That would make sense. If you make an object a global object, there is no such thing as a non global version of it anymore.

The original and all items related to it are instantly converted to global objects, so deleting the original is deleting the global object.