Global objects create scene objects

So another idea for global objects would be

How about by default all objects are global
BUT we now can right click them and there would be option to create scene object out of them which would be just duplicate of that global object but scene object
Now we would also need option to hide that global object from THIS SCENE object list and events sheet

This way new scene would not be created without objects
So maybe instead of right clicking we should have button to enter state of selecting multiple objects or even whole object groups and performing some action on them in objects list

Where we should have on object list to show hidden global objects and be able to spawn from them copies of them as scene objects and simply showing back global objects in object list/events sheet of that scene

Maybe more sense would be to have 2 objects lists
One for global objects and one for scene objects

IDK what would be perfect solution here i hope someone can expand/improve on my idea