Global objects?

Global Objects do they Exist?

Yep Global objects exist, but i’m bit confused about it because it’s not in the documentation from what i know.

In the object list, if you make a right click on an object, you’ll see an option in the context menu to change object to global object.

I suppose Global object are shared between different scene, like global variables, but it’s only supposition, i never tested it myself.

What Kink says is correct, but to avoid future confusions I have to note that the global object is shared between scenes, no instances:
Let’s suppose you have an object Player, and you make it global. Now from any scene you can do “Create object Player at X;Y” to create an instance of Player.
The instances are not shared, so if in a scene A you modify a Player instance: for example you set the variable “Health” = 50, this instance will be deleted when switching to scene B, and the variable will not be saved anywhere.

Basically, global objects save time of copying an object from one scene into others, the game load the object just once at runtime, and the .gdg files become a bit smaller :slight_smile: