Global Variables Organization

Hey! I think being able to organize your global variables would be a very good feature to have. It becomes very messy when you have a lot of variables and especially more so when similar variables, eg: stats for a monster.
Isn’t all at the same place.

  • Moving them up or down

  • Grouping them like in the events tab

  • Color scheming them


What do you mean, Organize them? When you need one you just use them, and if you want use structs, there is no need to make an organized list of them, or did I missunderstood you?

This picture is an example of “Grouping” in the events tab.
I think that having this “Group” functionality/feature in Global Variables would be very useful to find the Global Variables you want to modify.

What do you mean by structs and how would I use that?
This feature would also help when you are making a lot of switches/toggles. Since when you do that, you have to create an extra variable. Which will be a lot of variables if you have a lot of switches/toggles.

In this picture, I show 4 global variables, the current; gold, wood, stone and food the player has.
After adding more global variables, I realize maybe I want to add Diamonds. Sure, I could just add playerDiamonds but that would end up a long way down in the list and not below playerStone for example. Which would be preferable since then all the player resources are gathered at one place.

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Maybe you already know but you don’t need to define them here as that they are automatically created when you assign a value to a non existent one. Structs are a way of grouping variables in a variable: if you define the variable data.posX and data.posY, data will be a strict containing the two other vars.

I understand what he want, even he can’t spell it :grin:. I also like to keep things organized. and yes, I also know that it does not affect operation, but it easier to handle for the visual type persons like me or he. so, if nothing else, but the order could be changed, I would be happy!
about coloring. I’d love to see that the color is refer to the type of the vatiable (value or string). like in the event editor. of course that would require to define it when create one. and this is impossible now. so in my opinion this should be possible first.
oh, and I wouldn’t limit these to the Global variables. I extend the request to all variables.