Gods from the Abyss - Beat'em up game

Hi! I think I’ve advanced enough to be able to show some screenshots of the game I’m working on.
I am developing a beat’em up set in the 20s and 30s, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
It will be a game for one or two local players, and I’m trying to copy the spirit of the old arcade machines.
As a solo developer, the progress is slow, but I’d like to have a playable demo for summer this year.
I’m more active at Twitter, but I’ll put major updates here.
I hope you like it!

P.S: Yeah, I have no name for the game for the time being. Suggestions are welcome

I think I have found a good name, “Gods from the Abyss”. What do you think?

First test with Bob.#indiedev #gamedev #Lovecraft #Cthulhu #beatemup #brawler #Gdevelop pic.twitter.com/reNFWUihcK

— Ars Creativa (@ArsCreativa) November 4, 2019

For an in-development game, the aesthetics are pretty on-point!

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This looks great! Love the concept so far.

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Hi again!

I am really close to finish the alpha demo, so I have published the presentation post of the game at IndieDB.

I’m finishing little things and adjustments, and then I want to make a gameplay video. Take a look if you want.

And here some screenshots.

See you again very soon!.


And finally, a short gameplay video! I want to release the demo the next week, as I’m finishing and tweaking some things, but you can take a look at the game in movement!

Gods from the Abyss (Alpha Gameplay)


This s#!% is awesome! Are you doing all your sprites and other artwork?

It looks pretty neat!

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Yes, I’m using Blender for the animarion of characters, and a lot of drawing and photoshopping for the backgrounds.
The comic panels are done by a great artist friend of mine, Rafa Mata .
Music is also done by me, but as I’m not a great composer, maybe I commission it for the final version.


The artwork is so neat!

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A great artwork and soon a great game, it’s sure!
Well done!

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Considering you’re animating the characters in Blender the hand-drawn look is awesome. Love the comic panels (your friend have a great style) and love the more polished gaslight ambience of the latest updates, that really improves the gloomy feeling.

I’m also doing everything for the game I’m currently developing. I’m not new to illustration but it’s the first time I’m animating in pixel art style (just keeping a devlog here: [WIP] FORESTFUL [Updated JULY 13] Finished ground merging algorithm (downloable example)).

I’ve also been toying around with the idea of ​​composing my own music and have found great reference material for beginners on YouTube (basic chord progression, introduction to music theory, etc). I am currently able to compose more or less decent tunes on a sequencer (I’m using LMMS, which is free software and perfect for composing videogame music). Are you using a sequencer too?

So, I really enjoy seeing the work of someone committed to their project and hearing about their ideas and processes.

Keep going. I’ll be looking forward for new advances of Gods from the Abyss.

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Thanks! I wish you a lot of luck with your project.
For my music, I use a small USB keyboard and a free DAW software that was included with it. And sometimes I record some things with my bass attached to an interface, for some more organic feeling sounds.

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This game looks awesome man! The graphics, special moves and sfx are very cool indeed. That area effect spell where you knocked down so many opponents at once haha very nice… I look forward to playing that demo.

I’m making a 2d beat em up too but with a completely different theme and style. It’ll be based in modern times with mainly fist fighting and only the occasional weapon. Got so many ideas but I’m a complete beginner with coding. Btw I do a bit of music production so let me know what style of music you’re after and maybe I could produce a track, see if it fits in the game. In my game I planned to produce some Streetfighter 2 style soundtrack but I think your game might be in need of a different atmosphere.

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Thanks Gorguruga! :smile:

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And finally the alpha demo is out!
You can download and try it from the IndieDB page:

Or directly here:

For Windows:
Gods From The Abyss Alpha Demo (Windows)

for macOS:
Gods From The Abyss Alpha Demo (macOs)

for Linux:
Gods From The Abyss Alpha Demo (Linux)

I’d love to hear your comments and ideas, thanks!

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Great game as i said before!

I have downloaded your game and shall give you remarks i found one by one.

  • in final version, don’t permit to quit game hitting Escape key

Good pursuit of your game.

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Just downloaded and played! This is a very good beat em up, a lot of fun. The fight mechanics are nicely done, graphics are great, dark atmosphere, music is subtle but still effective. The way the enemy shakes when you hit him gives a really good feeling of impact… Area effect spell is awesome. Overall, highly impressive demo!

A little constructive feedback.

  • takes a bit too long to get up after being knocked down
  • diagonal running would be nice
  • the scroll speed is maybe a bit too slow. Perhaps if character was in running mode you could also speed up the scrolling of screen so the map moves along a bit faster. I think this would give the player the feeling of having more control and power over speed of movement. And also not feel too restricted/limited by a fixed map scrolling speed.

All in all, the demo is definitely one of the best GDevelop demos I’ve played. As a fan of the beat em up genre I’m definitely looking forward to the next update! :smile: If you need an independent game-tester let me know lol

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Thanks for the feedback, @Gorguruga!

You are not the only one who has suggested increasing the speed of the scroll and reducing the time the characters spend on the floor.
I’m working on increasing the game speed in general, and the scroll in particular.
I want to release an alpha demo which will also include level one of the game, and the changes i’ll make to the gameplay.
But it will take a while, depending on my free time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Very smooth animation for detailed graphics.

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Hi again! It’s been a long time after my last post. I have not been able to spend time in my games, mostly due to personal circumstances, but now I am returning to developing. I really want to finish this game, and in fact, is mostly done, only the last level and some comic pages to publish it. Here are some new screenshots, and I’m planning to release a final demo with the first two levels very soon. Thanks for watching! :grinning:


It looks awesome! Definitely!
The atmosphere seems to be great.
Good luck for finishg your game!

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