Good Sprite making tool?

Ok so i think the scripts/codes won’t bother me much in the game i’m trying to make but i got a big problem,i’m not very good at making sprites(i tried MS Paint but it didn’t work out so well :frowning:) so is there any free and good Sprite making tools out there,i tried searching it but i can’t find a good one,so anyone here can give me a good sprite making tool ? Thx in advance :slight_smile:

Well, I do not know if this is the best topic for that… but, if you are trying to create pixel art( 8-bit ) sprites, and you are at Linux( some of then have windows or Mac versions ), you can try:

If you want a cut-out animation, or tweening animations, you can try:

Good luck !

Ok i think Mt Paint is a bit good,but i think its still gonna be hard :frowning: i’m trying to make a 2D war game making the Tanks,other vehicles might be not so much hard but i’m really not good at making Soldier units :cry: but i think i’ll practice a little more so i can get it right :slight_smile: . Btw last question what do you think would be better for me to make:

  1. A turn - based war game(Tanks,jets,ships) ?
  2. A platformer shooter game with lots of high-tech guns and lasers? or
  3. A top-down shooter with also lots of guns?

Well, I am not experience at building games, I am constructing my first one, but, for me, as an animator, I think that at first,ou need to think about a history, than what do you want as a game. What kind of emotions and user feedbacks. I think this is a part of aesthetics of a game.

I think a game has 3 basic elements: 1 ) a player, 2) an objective, and 3) the challenge, the obstacle.
But you have to consider about : A )the mechanics, B) gameplay and C) the aesthetics.

As I’ve told… I am learning too.

Ok thx :slight_smile: