Google Native Client integration (NaCI)?

Well, I was searching the web to find a way to run native Linux application inside a browser, why? because GD native platform has more features :smiling_imp:
I know it sounds crazy but it is possible to run Windows applications in a browser using OSaKit Player and I thought maybe there is something (better) for Linux is well. NaCl, is not exactly what I was looking for but even more exciting. I don’t say that I do understand exactly how it works, but as I see, NaCl SDK can compile C++ code into a"module", that can be loaded inside a browser using Javascript. So basically, using this technology, you can run native C++ applications at native speed inside a browser and it free, open-source and cross-platform. The only requirements the actual browser need to support NaCl module. At the moment only Google Chrome support it by default but later maybe other browsers going to have the support is well.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought maybe GD could “easily” bring all the native features (3D boxes, dynamic lights, tiled map object, particles, primitive drawing…etc) in to the browser using NaCl.

Here is the website:

What is your thoughts on this? Could be possible to compile/export the games using NaCl as easy as
events+shared libs->>C+±>>NaCl->>Browser? (from user point of view just click on export to NaCl module :smiling_imp: )
Or it would be too complicated and don’t worth it to spend time with it?
Well the purpose of this thing is to make it easier/faster the development of web applications for C++ developers also to port native apps to the web but I don’t know if it actually could work with GD to export native games with native features such as 3D boxes and dynamic lights. Just an idea :slight_smile: