Google Play Games Services Error: Variable(s) missing: APP_ID

I am trying to implement Google Play Games Services to my game, I have seen that it can be done with the help of extensions and putting the plugin as a dependency, the problem is that when I make a build I get the error:
Error: Variable(s) missing: APP_ID

This is the link to the plugin:

This my extension:

I have not seen that plugin but I was looking at this one:

maximnara/cordova-plugin-google-play-games: Google Play Games services for ionic and cordova apps (

But it seems you’re just missing your app id. If you go to Avoiding Common Set Up Problems on this page it says:

  1. Use the correct application ID in Android
    The application ID is a required string resource that you must reference in your Android manifest. The application ID string consists only of the digits (typically 12 or more) at the beginning of the client ID provided by the Google Play Console. The application ID can be found at the top of the Configuration page and is labeled as Project ID below the name of your game.

Setting Up Google Play Games Services | Google Developers

Yes, I was looking at that one too but my intention is to implement this feature without having to build it manually.
I saw that in the “In-App Purchase” extension it didn’t have anything about an App ID, so I based it on that one.
I’m honestly new to JavaScript in GDevelop and don’t know how it works.

I mainly linked it so you can see what it said about adding the lines with your app id to your androidmanifest xml, but the link you sent does show how to add it via command line. But if you’re getting that error it must not be added, check your manifest and see.

I know nothing about it either I’m just trying to learn so I can get the Play Games Services haha.

Sorry just realized what you meant by not building it manually, do you mean not building it on your pc but using the GDevelop cloud build?

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Yes, I have seen that in the In App Purchase extension that was possible.
Reviewing the In App Purchase GitHub-Cordova original code, I noticed that it asks for a billing ID, but in the whole extension it is not shown, so they omitted that.
How can I do that in my extension?

I have never made an extension but someone here must know how.

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