Google Play Services Support

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

It would be very nice if the GDevelop had an extension that would allow us to use Google Play APIs such as Google Play Games (create archievements, saves etc.) and In-App Purchases. At least for now I still don’t know how to do this in the current state of GDevelop. Other tools like Stencyl and Construct 2 have these plugins. And additions like that are very welcome, especially in games.

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Hello All,

It’s very important , I hope Gdevelop Add it as an Idea in the trello Board !
I need it . We all need it .Games are more alive with the Google play services.
Achievement,Leaderboard,competing with others… Multiplayer games would be very easy with Gdevelop If they add this feature.

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Very interesting idea. I too would like to see this added to the idea cards. I’ll bet we could get a bunch of votes :laughing:
The achievements would be an interesting idea mostly, because I’ll bet the mutliplayer would take awhile to add and make work with the software. (It sounds difficult in my opinion.)

Integration with all the APIs would be good (each could have its own trello card?).

I need steam API in native :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I also need this very much!

indeed. @trsh Please do not necropost. If you want a feature vote it up on trello :wink:

I do not see this in Trello. 5 years is not so much :smiley:

Ok it’s necropost. So the world ends now? Time to Panic? :smiley:
You seem to be obsessed with necroposts. Time to heal that!

Never wake the dead :skull:

Btw the roadmap for upvote the features to implement: