Grab enemies to perform grappling attacks using visual scripting?

Hello, I’m a newbie at this but in my 3 weeks of looking up information on making beat-em-up games I have found almost nothing regarding how to grab an enemy to perform grappling moves (like Final Fight , Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, etc). It may not be the simplest thing to do but it baffles my mind that the entire internet has no tutorials on this (at least not for Gdevelop or other visual scripting apps). Especially since it’s a topic I see other people searching for. I know that it’s possible with code obviously but is there really no way to do this with any of the visual scripting dev apps out there? Any information would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

idk why you are making it sound like its almost impossible.
2 factors play a role here.

factor one,
the grabbed one should be immovable.
if you use states for your characters, thats very easy to archieve. allow action, when state is not grabbed. if multiplayer is a thing, or you char can get grapped, you can use the is grabbed state to “wiggle out of grab”/Smashlike DI /countergrab timewindow, whatever you can come up with.

secondly positions.
this should be selfexplanatory, just change position to what you want. maybe use put object around another action and have grapple points that you put it around. the throws itself can also be just position
do = X+your fallcurvestuff
Y+your fallcurvestuff
or use forces.

the rest is a question of animations.

I have not tackled a fighting game yet with Gdevelop, but back in the day i made custom characters for a fun little game called Little Fighter2.
The way that game handles grabs is both the grabber and the grabbed have a grabpoint.
and when the grab hitbox connects the grabbed players grabpoint is put to the grabpoint location of the grabber. very easy and efficient.

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I wasn’t thinking it was impossible, just that there seems to be tutorials for everything else but that when it comes to fighting games. But everything you said makes sense to my newbie brain! Thanks very much - I’m going to see if I can implement that process!