Graphics Mess Up !!!

Hi i have recently created a game called Protocon the game uses parallax scrolling in front layer and back aswell.
The problem i think consists because of system webview versions. I have tried on my wife’s Galaxy Note 3 which has Android System Webview 51.0.2704.81 the game works atleast graphic wise correctly but has some stuttering issues until cached.
I use a Asus Zenfone 2 which has Android System Webview 52.0.2743.41. I have tried everything even exported with XDK Crosswalk ectc. nothing made it work on phone correctly. Also i have realized the game is just 10.5Mb but uses loads of resources it seems. If i use Crosswalk the performance gets really sluggish keeps skipping frames. If i export it without anything the game runs little sluggish until its totally cached in the memory but sometimes skips certain events like to when arrive at a certain score skip level it just keeps playing on the same level. These errors are not seen on a normal pc browser. Sample screenshots below. Anyone know a solution ?

And a link for the beta testing of game…

Note : i only have jump enabled on keyboard which is default “spacebar” the rest must be clicked by mouse.

Do you destroy the objects that go outside of the screen ?

Yes i do but i cannot do tgat for the tiled parallax scroll. Like that it would cut it in half and start to dissapear if a part of it touches outside screen. I will give it a try again vut rhe tiled scrolls arw huge like 600px wide

Ok applied behaviour destroy out of screen to all objects that go out of screen re uploading the beta link lets see whats gonna happen. Thanks your a lifesaver :slight_smile:)

And once again even that didn’t work i think it’s just google android system webview. Why the hell they keep changing this so often and breaking it i really do not understand. They should stay on a stable release and switch over until it really is needed. Just look at it. It changes nearly every week Jesus… The fix one thing but break another one…
Anyone else having te same issues ? Or found a solution ? Oh and strangly but exporting with crosswalk decreases performance which is super weird.

Out of curiosity, what is your native game resolution?

All my games use 1000x600px and they have stretch to fullscreen enabled. They all worked fine till now. Strange i have reported a bug at android system webview channel seems other ppl having some other issues with hybrid apps aswell. Lets see how thats gonna work out.